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for over 20 years in the sector of large real estate affairs.

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Real Estate Investment Management

Grandi Proprietà analyzes the characteristics of the investment together with the customer and is able to select the best opportunities on the market through its network of contacts and professionals.
Grandi Proprietà provides real estate and Property Management services for public and private assets with the aim of monitoring the various aspects relating to the state of the property, its destination and what are the main market trends. Grandi Proprietà aims to obtain maximum profitability, especially regarding the increase in the value of the property under management. The Property Management services offered by Grandi Property include:
  • Property Management (Gestione Immobiliare)
  • Accurate analysis and consequent identification of the necessary requalification intervention
  • Supervision of any type of intervention, whether it is ordinary or extraordinary maintenance or a redevelopment of the property

Owners and Tenants Representation

Grandi Proprietà Real Estate Consulting services are structured in such a way as to provide a personalized analysis for each client in order to identify the best strategies, opportunities and possible risks related to a property search or renegotiation operation.
Grandi Proprietà Real Estate Consulting aims to determine the user’s strategy; for this reason, we provide an accurate analysis of the property, options and strategies necessary to achieve the final goal.


For customers wishing to renegotiate their current location, Grandi Proprietà acts as an intermediary between the owner and the tenant, also providing comprehensive reporting on everything related to the financial aspect deriving from the reduction of space or the transfer to other location.


For those who are looking for a new location, Grandi Proprietà deals with in-depth analysis of the current situation and possible offers of the real estate segment related to the customer’s needs.

Grandi Proprietà offers a consultancy and Property Evaluation service able to cover various types of appraisals, such as those relating to real estate and / or entire real estate assets that require an estimate for: :
  • Real estate sale
  • Creation of economic-financial projects and business plans
  • Real estate redevelopment interventions
  • Fund evaluations
  • Financial and / or industrial restructuring
The estimative criteria taken into account by Grandi Proprietà are the following:
  • Financial criterion : it concerns the income and expenses generated by the property being assessed in a given period of time after which the property is transferred.
  • Comparative criterion : a comparison is made between the property under evaluation and other real estate properties within the same market sector in order to obtain a complete report about the factors that may influence the current operation.
  • Transformation Criterion: : we proceed with the evaluation of the transformation value of the property taking into account costs and revenues of the transformation itself.

Asset and Development

The mission of Grandi Proprietà is to create value through the management of the entire sector of activities aimed at enhancing and upgrading the real estate assets, starting from the basic analysis of the project up to its actual realization.

Grandi Proprietà operates over two different Consulting plans : Strategic and Operational.

Grandi Proprietà Strategic Consulting

This consultancy is focused on an accurate analysis of all those aspects that contribute to the realization of a real estate and urban development project such as economic and financial feasibility, the type of interventions and the procedural conditions.

Among Strategic Consulting services, we can identify:

  • Verification and identification of enhancement strategies
  • Design and coordination of activities aimed at defining the project conditions
  • Verification of urban planning procedures
  • Preparation of the project and consequent formalizatio

Grandi Proprietà Operational Consulting

This consultancy is focused on the actual development of all those activities aimed at concretizing the requalification project in order to obtain the best possible economic result.
Operational Consulting aims to coordinate the various real estate enhancement activities in synergy with Public Entities responsible for issuing all the necessary authorizations and with professionals whose work is necessary for the finalization of the transformation project.

Among Operational Consulting services, we can identify:

  • Design and coordination of all transformation interventions aimed at enhancing the property or urban area
  • Design and coordination of all activities concerning the development
  • Creation and subsequent monitoring of the project Business Plan


Thanks to the experience gained over the years, Grandi Proprietà is able to offer a wide range of services aimed at the success of real estate sale and lease operations. When it comes to buying and selling real estate, it is important to know who to trust; Grandi Proprietà offers an exhaustive evaluation of the property that considers every aspect, including legal and cadastral ones. Grandi Proprietà offers a service in keeping with market standards, using appropriate tools, strategies and commercial initiatives. Our sale and lease service aims at both individual properties and:
  • Residential real estate assets
  • Commercial real estate assets
  • Touristic real estate assets
  • Logistics Real estate assets
The brokerage activity carried out by Grandi Proprietà is intended for the following subjects :
  • institutional investors
  • private investors
  • companies
  • banking institution
  • industries
  • economic operators

Advisor - Asset Sale and Real Estate Portfolios

Before marketing, Grandi Properties perfects a strategy along with the client that maximizes the final result.

To this end, all development and enhancement possibilities will also be assessed through the research for Tenants who increase the value from a financial point of view.
Grandi Proprietà deals with the professional management of the procedures for the sale of real estate assets and income portfolios, identifying the Buyer through an accurate analysis of the strategies of investors present on the market.

Grandi Proprietà deals with the research and sale of artisan, commercial and service industrial companies, starting with the identification of the purchase (buy side) or sale (sell side) strategy, consistent with customer expectations, which allows us to identify and put in contact Italian and foreign counterparts through our network of contacts and professionals.

property hunter

Grandi Proprietà offers a taylor made Property Hunter service, aimed at selecting the opportunities present on the Italian and foreign market consistent with the client’s expectations.

By granting this mandate, we will carry out inspections, view the documentation and evaluate all the variables of the Deal by submitting the opportunities that we deem most suitable.


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